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Have you ever woken up from a great sleep and thought to yourself, “I wish I could sleep that well every night.” Do you struggle with allergies in spring? Hay fever in autumn? Are you prone to year round asthma? Are you constantly searching for the perfect seasoned doona? Well, a Silk Soul doona could be the answer to all your prayers!

At Silk Soul, we sell 100% natural, handmade silk doonas, designed by Australians, for Australians. Our 30 years in the industry has given us time to perfect our product. We source our own cotton and silk, and our team of silk professionals on the ground in China’s silk region control the quality of the silk we use to make our doonas or duvet.

Silk Soul Doonas Online Products Range

silk doonas and Duvet
Doona Cover duvet underlay quilt pillows

Once we have sourced the best silk in China (yes, we have proof!), we hand make each doona with the utmost care! Using our Grade A Mulberry Silk Floss, we create an elegant, exceptionally comfortable, natural lightweight doona.

So if you’re looking for a 100% natural, breathable doona, that won’t get you sneezing and looks fantastic on your bed, all at the cheapest price on the market, you have to try a Silk Soul doona! Our customers surely are thankful they did -  “I wouldn’t have anything else now”, “It regulates my temperature”, “I’m buying them for my friends”, “They acclimatize to my body temperature, warm in winter, hot in summer”, “Sleeping like a baby.” 

STOP PRESS ...... our doonas are now all made in our workrooms at Dudley Park South Australia using finest quality imported silk .


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